Helping the Elderly & L&L

 June 27 2012 (Field Trip)

One of the exciting projects we have for this summer is the design of a public Restroom that has toilet and shower facility. We will be working on this project in collaboration with a local NGO that helps the elderly. We were privileged to see the elderly people that the NGO supports on our site visit. The location for the Restroom project will be around the Ledeta area in two potential sites and finally benefit elderly people that have been selected through the local administration. Not only will the restroom benefit the public and help keep the environment clean, it will also serve an income generating purpose for a group of elderly people. (Naomi)

Lunch and Learn – June 28, 2012

This week’s Lunch and Learn was unique in two ways. First, in the spirit of service and sharing (the theme of the upcoming months), the girls had generously allocated their lunch money from this week’s session toward the purchase of workbooks for 97 orphan children at the local NGO, and therefore there was no actual lunch. There was, however, plenty of learning. Second, the session was open to the community at large; in attendance were both male and female members of the student body.

“So where is the lunch?” jokingly inquired Hans Larson,  Continue reading


The glimpse of 17 weeks on L&L

A little about Lunch and Learn: The Social Innovation Mentors meet aticceaddis every Thursday at 6:30 – 7:30 (local time) to listen to influential speakers, mostly women, from different backgrounds and professions. And also eat lunch together. Below have the glimpse of our past few weeks together with our guest speakers . . .  Continue reading

Renovating a Warehouse

This was one of the most interesting projects that the 26 girls got involved in and came up with creative ways of turning a warehouse in to a youth centre. The warehouse is located around SarBet in a church compound and mainly served as a storage space for properties owned by the church. the main idea was to transform the warehouse into a more active, inviting and comfortable space that serves as a Youth Centre for young adults. The girls divided into groups and came up with different ideas and approaches to solve the problems they observed from their site visit. The major setbacks within the project area includes erosion of the soil due to the river that flows by the site, flooding during the rainy season, unpleasant smell due to the unclean river and the unsafe side walk that leads up to the warehouse. The winning project has proposed internal spaces within the different activities such as a cafeteria, gym, library, music room and also office spaces. They have also tried to tackle the problems related with erosion by proposing a sustainable and environmental friendly solution(gab ion). The final proposal considered the user group, the cost for renovation and the contextual setting.

               The new design                                                           The existing one