The glimpse of 17 weeks on L&L

A little about Lunch and Learn: The Social Innovation Mentors meet aticceaddis every Thursday at 6:30 – 7:30 (local time) to listen to influential speakers, mostly women, from different backgrounds and professions. And also eat lunch together. Below have the glimpse of our past few weeks together with our guest speakers . . . 

Lunch and Learn – March 1, 2012
Our first Lunch and Learn meeting was held outside by the football
field where we had unlimited fresh air to breath, veggie sandwiches to
enjoy and speakers to learn from. We had one of our favorites CCL
staff, Steadman Harrison as our guest speaker, joined by Terrance and
Steadman shared his part take at CCL as a Regional Director in Africa,
and Social Innovation Mentoring project. Terrance—who is from Sera
León/South Africa—also shared his stories as a Banker. Jeremy is an
intern at CCL, doing research on Cervical Cancer.
We held a Q&A session and learned great stuff from them. Week one went
well . . .

Lunch and Learn – March 8, 2012
It was a perfect sunny day to have our pictures taken by Silje Martine
at this week’s Lunch and Learn @iceaddis. Silje is a photographer from
Norway, who came to Ethiopia for a couple weeks to do a project. Her
achievements, struggles, challenges and her funny stories as a female
photographer were witty and outstanding. She shared her creative
processes and techniques for taking pictures around the world and of
different cultures. One such technique, the “hip-shot”, as she calls
it, involves taking a picture with the camera placed on one’s hip. She
stressed the importance of creativity and the fact that we can be
creative with whatever resources we have available; we don’t have to
wait for the perfect moment or to have fancy materials or equipment.
As a gift, she thoughtfully gave out her professional postcards to
everyone.We had our Q&A . . .
P.S. this was the day that Steadman brought as our iMac (huge one) for
SIMs project and Aaron was on board with us as well.

Lunch and Learn – March 15, 2012
Imagine a 5-year-old girl, running to save herself from being
subjected to the painful experience of female circumcision.
Unfortunately, she ends up facing barriers to her escape and is
forced, after all, to surrender to Female Genital Mutilation (FMG)
without her will. It took courage for a woman to share such a story
with the whole world, in an attempt to shed light on the horrors of
such practice in hopes of public awareness and prevention. Samira is
half Somali and half Ethiopian—she was dressed up in a beautiful
Somali outfit when she came to our Lunch and Learn. She went through FGM as a child because her society
believed it was the best thing to do to a girl to secure her life in the
future. Today she stands firm to fight against FGM and became a
founder and project coordinator of Women Arise Against FGM.
We had our usual Q&A and also helped her in making questionnaires for
her project.

Lunch and Learn on March 22, 2012
Cultural expectations can sometimes be very stressful. A person may
end up becoming someone he or she doesn’t want to be, in an effort to
meet family or cultural. Martha was our guest speaker for the day. She
works for Dessert Rose Consultancy as an Anthropologist. She gave us
an awesome illustration of Ethiopian cultural expectations from the
perspective of a student, woman and so on. She also pointed out some
examples of how young women can make a difference by promoting harmony
within cultural and familial settings. She emphasized the fact that it
is very important to be aware of the nuances of the culture we live
in. The more we know about the cultural expectations around us, the
better we are able to communicate with our society.
She shared the story of the Starfish Rescuer/Starfish Story, inspired
by Loren Eiseley , author of “the Star Thrower”—making a difference
for one starfish at a time.

Lunch and Learn on March 29, 2012
Kiely works for a non- profit organization called Live fashionABLE,
based here in Ethiopia. The organization creates sustainable
business opportunities for women in Africa by helping them make
fashionable traditional scarves that they can then sell for profit.
Kiely shared us her wonderful experiences with us. . .

Lunch and Learn on April 5, 2012
Wondering what to include in you CV/Resume? Nethehet is a Human
Resource Consultants who has just permanently moved back to Ethiopia after
living in the UK for many years. As an HR consultant, she possesses
the depth of personal and professional experience necessary to provide
relevant insight and to answer our questions regarding CV/Resume
writing. She shared with us how a professional CV is built to land the
right job. She promised us to come back to talk about the job
interview process.

Lunch and Learn on April 12, 2012
It somehow amazes us seeing a ferenji (a foreigner/ a white person),
living in a 3rd world country as a volunteer.Today, our guest is Carmen.  Carmen is a
Peace Corps volunteer who has been living in northern Ethiopia for the
past few years. She introduced us to the  Peace Corps and to its vision, mission, and goals.Carmen hold the position of English teacher trainer—she doesn’t teach students but she trains the teachers to teach, providing them with guidance and a set of skills to better communicate with and educate their students. We know most of usdon’t dare to live in the remote part of Ethiopia, but Carmen’s experiences are wonderful and inspiring. (Tsion)

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