Team Building Retreat

Team Building Retreat at Lake Langano

Early Sunday Morning, we embarked on a journey to Lake Langano for a much deserved and anticipated team building camping retreat. The objectives of the retreat were for everyone to get to know each other better, experience new things, enhance team work, and take a little break. Most of us had just finished our final exams and presentations, and had never been camping, so we were excited and nervous about the getaway, not knowing exactly what to expect. As we arrived at our meeting point, the EiABC, and greetings were warmly exchanged, a buzzing energy of excitement and enthusiasm began to build on the bus. Our awesome driver and the only male on the trip, Girma, put the bus in motion at around 9:00AM and off we went! The ride to Langano was about six hours long, including a stop for lunch. The sound of laughter, singing, clapping set a cheerful mood and made the time go by faster.

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