SIM’s Fair Day

On Feb, 23 2013, SIM is presenting exclusive products made by our Mentors. This is our big finale to show what Social Innovation Mentors are able to do.You can find a preview below together with a brief description. If you find them interesting don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy the preview! 

(Click on the pictures for an enlarges view.)

Tewedaj Eshetu, Arkis _ Hand made accessories”

Purchase contact: 0913003381 _ 0911366388 _

Message from the Mentor: Buy the main frame elements and pimp them out with glitter, ribbons and recycled jewelry to customize as per taste.**


Lady clutches and man purses custom designed and hand sown made of scrap leather.


Earrings: Beads, metal rings and threads on the purchased framework

IMG_1471    IMG_1484    IMG_1481

Shoe lace bracelets, leather, fabric overlap bracelets & fabric bracelets

IMG_1485    IMG_1458

Hair accessories: clips and ribbons or glitter

** custom made products as per the requirement of the client can be arranged.

Bezawit Admassu, “Handbags”

IMG_1540    IMG_1569    IMG_1543    IMG_1564

Naomi Bisrat, “Nao’s bits”

Message from the Mentor: I love making crafty elements with details that makes them special. My bits are simple fun & colorful. You can find cards frames and different crafts @ Nao’s Bits.

IMG_1509    IMG_1502

Jewlery Box


Picture fame

Sara Solomon, “Sara’s notebooks”

Purchase Contact:

Message from the Mentor: It is home made product with affordable cost that anyone can use. The cover is made of recycled paper.

IMG_1554     IMG_1553

Hiwot Tekalign, “Kia’s cookies”

Purchase Contact: 0910655683

Message from the Mentor: In addis ababa cookies are one of the most demanded products but the supply is scarce. I made 3 types of cookies  (lemon butter cookies, chocolate chips & peanut butter cookies). They come in wrap boxes of different size & shapes (custom made).


Kalkidan Kebede, “But’a Bags”

Message from the Mentor: Wallets out of Cardboard, gift wrappers, paint & color papers to reduce waste around the city & recycle used materials.


Eleni Gebremedin: “Bichu & Billy Birthday books”


Message from the Mentor: Its  a birthday book for kids of age 1-10. What makes it special is that it has its page for comments of friends family & a page for placing their pictures every year.


Lidya Alemayehu, “Paper bag”

Purchase Contact:

Message from the Mentor: This paper bag is made of old newspapers and shoelaces. It basically uses a very simple procedure. The aim of the product is to minimize the usage of plastic bags, since they are non recyclable, and encourage the use of recycled materials.


Mahlet Deneke, “Abyssinia”

Message of the Mentor: I made different types of jewellery out of roasted & soaked coffee beans tied by threads.


Meron Tedla, “Kids To”

Purchase Contact:

Message from the Mentor: Day care at condominiums, based on the inhabitants need. The concept is profitable and the collected money from the day care will help other kids as well for their school fee, food and clothing.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.23.01

Edlawit Teka, “Alternative solution for sanitary problem in Addis Ababa”

Purchase Contact:

Message from the Mentor: The critical sanitary problem that exist in Addis Ababa needs special attention: There are different solutions, the major one is constructing a clean, attractive, technological, flexible, easily available, easily constructible and low cost public toilet. In one two words a smart toilet. How? Follow the link to the PowerPoint Presentation!

Edlawit teka 

We hope you enjoyed our products! 

Thanks for having a look. Please feel free to leave a comment for improvements or customized orders.


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