A Year Journey with the Social Innovation Mentors

 The Social Innovation Mentoring program (SIM) is a 12 month program from CCL that fosters leadership, entrepreneurship and service through a mentoring approach. To achieve the amplification of the 26 female voices we took under or wings during this project as well leveraged CCL methods like the Life Tree, Social Identity Map and DAC model. The 26 female are all university student at the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building and Construction College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The campus is mainly known as a male dominated school in the city.

CCL believes that developing young leaders should be a process achieved through time. Therefore SIM was designed to develop the students as leaders and help unlock their individual potential through a variety of leadership train the trainer session. In the beginning all participants went the Leadership Essentials Program which helped them to see that leadership starts from leading themselves and then lead others using their personal way. According to the participants the Social Identity Map has been a great tool to identify what their Given, Chosen and Core identities are and how they can apply that in a real life. Flavoring the leadership trainings with different Team in a Box activities such as “Irrigation Ditch” opened many of the participants’ eyes to see what Direction Alignment and Commitment is all about and how that applied in their team work. InImage general the Leadership Essentials Training helped them to discover their various leadership potentials and created multiple opportunities to apply those leadership skills throughout the whole duration of the project.

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